Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pot, Meet Kettle

Well, this is interesting in oh so many ways.

Questioned as to their relationship to Dr Kunonga by, the Archbishops of Kenya [Nzimbi] and Uganda [Orombi] said that though Dr Kunonga had sought their support, they had told him to work within the structures of the Province of Central Africa. [inserts mine]
It was improper for one province to interfere in the internal deliberations of another, the Kenyan archbishop said. “When you face a challenge you don’t run and join another province.” We told Dr Kunonga “go back to the Dean of that province to solve that problem.”

Had Orombi walked his talk (on the impropriety of interfering in another province's buisiness), there would not be such a dispute over his parasitising churches in The US (a province).

As you recall, Bishop Bill Atwood left The Episcopal Church to become a Kenyan Bishop under the Most Revd Benjamin Nzimbi, only to return to "this" (not his) province in the U.S. to oversee two dozen or so congregations here. Province hopping.

Orombi, Akinola and Venables have all done likewise... taken in those who feel "challenged" though Nzimbi cautioned, "When you face a challenge you don’t run and join another province.” I wonder if anyone mentioned this to David Shofield before he bailed, taking the keys and assets with him to a province whose bylaws don't even allow such actions. One has to wonder whether anyone is paying any attention to what they are saying versus doing.

The GAFCON/FOCA folks just cannot stay consistent internally, externally, as individuals or as a group. More and more I recall the famous Nixon quote, "I am not a crook."

We know how well that went.