Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bye Bye Bugsie!

There are cute and funny dogs, then there are REALLY cute and funny dogs. Bugsie fits into the latter category.

Bugs came from a city shelter on the last day. She was to be killed that day at 5. After having the puller beg me to take her, I finally relented. This bundle of energy (part rat terrier and part who knows what!) is quite a gal. Bugs gets along with everything that moves and is a sweet, happy, well adjusted dog. She does, um, need some training, though.

Bugs found herself a home. Having escaped the yard, she zipped over to the neighbors...who fell in love with her...and are adopting her. They are currently Bugs-proofing their yard (eh-hem), though she will be inside almost all the time.

Congrats, Bugsie (soon to be Betsy).