Friday, July 25, 2008

Kacee Has A Fun Day At The Dogpark!

Kacee, a now almost 10 month-old staffie terrier (often mistaken for a pitbull) was a little wee thing when he came here for a foster. He was 4 weeks old. I used to put on my hooded sweatshirt backwards (hood in front!) and pop him in there when I was on the computer.

This is just the neatest dog. Raised with 9 other dogs and cats, he is an absolute clown. I really MUST get some video of him at the dog park. People just crack up at the way he runs when he is happy... flailing around... looks like a colt that just discovered he has legs.

Anyway, here are some nifty photos of Kacee at the dog park today with some new friends.
Kacee meets Kate and her dog and gets in the photo.
After a spin in the water and dirt with about 15 other dogs, Kacee takes a breather. Kacee plays with some new friends.

Kacee loves humans. He never misses the opportunity to say hi or give them a smooch.

Kacee heads back to the water bowl with another new friend in tow.