Thursday, July 3, 2008

McCain on Gas Prices: "I don't see how it matters..."

Yeah, we know, John. We get it. You are married to a second, wealthy wife. Most of us are struggling to buy food, pay our mortgages, clothe the kids, pay bills and buy gas. We get it. Even here, in "The Weird OC", we get it. You don't.

Not surprisingly, this quote was uttered in Orange County, CA where the Orange County Register (a whacky Libertarian journal) couldn't even exist in most places. The reporters generally do their jobs. The Ed department and certainly the Editorial page should have a medical alert sign on the top: Toxic to your health: may cause sudden blood pressure rise and/or heart attack or stroke.

Never, ever read the Orange County Register Ed page. And if you choose this assault on your intellect, don't do it first thing in the morning (it may wreck your day), or last thing at night (may wreck your sleep). Read only at lunch when your cerebral cortex has time to deal with the irrational.

And should you be brave, read the entire interview.

But please, only at lunch.