Friday, July 11, 2008

Note To Obama: You Lost My Vote

What the heck is someone interested in constitutional rights to do when one of their two "liberal" senators vote against FISA and one for, while Dem Presidential candidate Obama just falls through the frigging floor?

Obama, you just lost my vote.

Yeah, I'm an old school dem. I believe in the constitution which you just not only ignored, but RIP-ed in words. Shame, shame on you.

When it comes to important issues like constitutional rights, I take them very seriously. I use them. I need them.

So... back to Nader.

Nader will get my vote.

Now you wow-wows that will protest this, then get your candidate straightened out or shut up. Don't expect me to support a man that doesn't support the constitution. I don't care about pragmatism or result. I will NOT cast my vote for someone that cannot support my privacy rights. Period.

Obama, you might court the right in various ways, but you just lost your left. Do the math.