Friday, November 21, 2008

Astounding Story of a Cat That Survived

This was in a Diary over at Daily Kos.

Two cats, left in an apartment, were thought to have perished in a fire that quickly engulfed an apartment building in Anaheim Hills. My animal control friend down the street told me that many, many animals vanished and likely perished in this terrible, fast-moving fire.

When the owners checked, however, they found one of their cats, Abe, beneath a burnt out coffee table in the otherwise decimated ruins.

Abe is at the vet, and has been, VERY seriously ill and it is not known whether he will survive.

Read the story here.

You can see Abe's updates here.

Abe's medical bills (and remember, this family lost EVERYTHING) are going on $4K. If you can donate anything to help, please do. Donations go directly to their vet and you can find the information at Daily Kos (see first link, this page). They need help.

PLEASE donate, even a small amount, to help these folks and their cat. They have faced terrible personal tragedy. This is one story, but one we can all help with.

If we all donate, the cumulative effect is very significant. Please open your hearts and wallets to these folks. They are not giving up on their cat, one of two things they still have. Many here are giving people that believe sharing and the lifting up of our fellow human beings in the face of tragedy is inherent in our beliefs. I ask you to search your hearts. This is about caring and helping someone you don't know. This is the test of our own beliefs.

And if you are an animal lover, please post on your blog or crosspost this appeal.

Now, for more remarkable news, their second cat, Adam, was found at the (OC?) Shelter. They had assumed he had perished, I suppose, but instead of giving up, checked and there he was!

Please put Abe, Adam and their owners on your prayer lists. With names like this, they can go right on the prayers read on Sundays!

Photo: from Daily Kos Diary