Sunday, November 2, 2008

Important Things To DO In the Next 72 Hours

1. New Polling on Prop 8:

Field Poll (10/30) -- 44% Yes,
49% No, 7% Undecided
Survey USA (11/1) -- 47% Yes,
50% No, 3% Undecided

If you can volunteer for phone banking, please do so.
You can go here to find a field office to volunteer, or you can
do calling from your home.

If you can donate to the No on Prop 8, in any amount, please go

2. There is one other issue on the ballot I am passionate about, and that is Prop 2, humane treatment for farm animals. Please vote YES. You can read about it here.

3. And of course, there is volunteering for Obama. In swing and battleground states, this is extremely important. Many are also traveling to adjacent states to help.

4. For those in states when senate and congressional races are tight, volunteer for your candidate. It is critical that we get as many dem Senators elected as possible.

5. Have fun doing any and all of the above. It is time for a change and our help with financing and working for that change is the responsibility of us all. We have to make meaningful changes if the generations behind mine have any hope of a decent world to live in, environmentally, and in terms of needed policy changes. My generation is the last generation to reap benefits and leave a mess behind us. We need to change that.

6. Finally, we need to keep all the candidates and workers in our prayers. Fearful people can do bad things. Let us all pray for their safety and for God's protection whether we agree with them or not.