Tuesday, November 4, 2008

West Coast: Go Vote!

The polls are closed in most states (other than those keeping late polling open because they couldn't get their shit together to figure out that a couple of maybe-might-be-working-oops-vote-reversing machines won't cut it.

CA: There is a lot at stake in our own home race. Pres, prop 8 and 2 for instance.

Get your butts out there and vote!

No on 8
Yes on 2
No on 7, 10
Obama for Pres

And let's kick you out the door with this... Fight the Chain Of Fools.

Now get out of here and VOTE, DAMMIT!

Listen to Aretha... don't be weak... get in the car and vote, dammit!

Change a couple of words.... remember what McSame said: "..."My friends, we’ve got them just where we want them." Is he channeling Aretha?

I think so, but he is taking a side street.