Thursday, November 20, 2008

Texans Looking To Teach ID in Science Class...Again

Will it never end?

This is a good location for quite a bit of coverage on the topic.

Interesting are these Gallup Poll figures, and note that those that believe man was created 10K years ago has stayed relatively steady for 26 years of the poll. Is it possible that this many people never took science courses or?

It took the Roman Catholic Church several hundred years to announce, through Pope John Paul II in 1992, that Copernicus and Galileo were correct and the earth was not standing still and was not the center of the universe. And, BTW, they just verified Copernicus' skeleton using some hair found in a book. Check this out! Would make him proud!
This Hubble photo, taken just this week, shows a planet circling a star in the constellation Pegasus.

The only reason I bring this up is that it points to the fact that religious dogma doesn't quietly slink away in the face of science or fact. And this is most certainly true for those who plain read the Bible. I am certain if the Bible said the sky was orange, there would be a special color chart for the literalists and the color blue would then take the name orange.

And, of course, our old friend Ahmanson is in on it. Ahmanson is a Board of Director of the (anti) Discovery Institute which wanders around the country trying to get people to teach ID (which is really fundi code for creation). ID isn't science and neither is creation 'science' a science. Words mean things.

So you Texans out there--those of you that believe in a good God and science at the same time--you have another task in front of you to fight off the knuckle draggers and keep science in science!

As someone trained in geology, I can only assume that those that view radioisotope dating scornfully believe that in dating formations, rocks and minerals, geologists stash some arbitrary wild dates in a bingo bin and pull them out. Of course, this is even more troubling because it also indicates they weren't paying attention to chemistry, either.

Oh, and just as a reminder (unpleasant as it may be) Sarah Palin thinks creationism should be taught along side science in science classes and claims she had, at some time, seen the Paluxy (hoax); a dinosaur track with a footprint aside or amid it. Sigh.

What's next, teaching ID in Phys Ed classes? It makes me crazy!