Monday, November 24, 2008

Time to Pony Up Folks!

Read the whole story here from one of these two cats' dads and rec it up, please.

If you have never lost everything in a fire, it is hard to imagine. If you have, you know.

But losing living things--those so very dear to your heart--just sucks the living daylights from you. Those of you who are animal lovers know this.

This photo is the sum total of two young mens' life. Everything--gone.

The fast moving Anaheim fire moved through their apartment complex while they were out of town.

Their cats, Abe and Adam (both gorgeous black cats) were in the apartment. Abe was found, after 30 hours, trapped beneath a burnt coffee table. He was rushed to the vet.

Adam was found after the fire and taken to animal control where the owners eventually found and reclaimed him. He is also at the vet.

Their vet bills are sky-high.

As a rescuer, I KNOW what that term means. And I KNOW what commitment is. And I KNOW these two men need your help. They are determined to give these lovely animals--their family-- the care they need and see them through. They are living in a hotel having no place else to go.

Jim texted me asking how quickly I can get over to the hospital. I, of course, thought the worst about Abe. After I inquired as to what was going on, he clarified it was nothing like that. So I proceeded to the hospital to meet him. When I got there, he said to me that someone wants to say hi to me. I just assumed it was one of my parents or an out-of-state friend or something. He shoved this box at me and said that it was Adam. In utter disbelief, I tried to refute it, and then Adam meowed from inside the box. My heart just melted. I think my body basically died for a moment. I carried the box containing my previously thought-to-be-dead cat inside the pet hospital. I opened it up inside and Adam popped out, I grabbed him, and tears just started streaming down my face.

This is where YOU come in.

Here's what you do:

1. Get your credit card.
2. Call this number, their vet: 714- 921-8700. Tell them you want to make a credit card donation to Abe.
3. Hang up and smile. You have just helped two men that really need your help.
4. Post the story on your blog or link to this one. Ask your friends for $20.00 and call in that donation.
5. Keep these men in your thoughts and prayers and Abe and Adam likewise.

Do it NOW. No excuses. It doesn't have to be a bazillion dollars. Just help. Make it fit what you can afford.

People from all over are donating, I know because I contacted them myself. Many are rescuers, many are animal loving friends.

Action doesn't just "happen". You are the kick. Get to work!