Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day Post 1... Many to Come

If you have or see ANY problems at the polls, call here:
Call 1-877-US-4-OBAMA (1-877-874-6226)
866-OUR-VOTE, Voter Protection

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I am going to be blogging throughout the day, so watch this site!

Go here to watch the electoral vote (EV) map develop as polls close. This is a great way to watch what is really going on instead of listening to talking heads if that drives you nutso. You can watch the situation by state, and, actually, in much smaller units by state. Helpful for you ex-pats.


Voting today: I was amazed at my polling place. In live in the reddest of red counties in the U.S. in a blue state. It just doesn't get more conservative than Orange County, CA.

They had, by 9:30am, almost three times the number of votes normal here. They had 8 booths for 1,000 homes which begs the question, how can other states POSSIBLY have two or three booths for over 100K people?

I talked to my librarian who had just come from another much larger area (Anaheim). Just to be SURE people could vote, they had several paper ballot booths (and lots of paper ballots), and eight machine ballot booths. Wait was about 40 minutes. She estimated the number of voters under 25 in line at about 40%... woo hoo... and said some of the poll workers were REALLY young! You know how that happened, and it is a noun and a verb: Obama.

I felt so proud being able to vote this time. The only other time I felt anything near this was when I voted for Clinton in 1992. That was a big relief for me at the time.

Now don't get me wrong, I am WAY more progressive than Obama is and I don't like his energy plan. But I did not vote for him because I was casting a "better than" vote.

I voted for The O because I honestly believe he will be a great leader, will be respected in the world, will make sensible foreign policy and domestic decisions, I like his tax plan, I like his health care thinking (for the most part), and the man has the composure I want next to the nuclear football.

Obama has inspired more people to work for a campaign than anyone in modern history. He planned for all possible events, raised more money in tiny donations than anyone in history, and he will be handling potential poll problems. He is a bright and dynamic man, cool as a cucumber and passionate as well.

The video below--fun and funny and VERY inspirational--is a piece of An O rally yesterday. It is just GREAT.

If you are not yelling Fire It Up, Ready to go! by the end of this, I have some coffee for you and a message from one of my rescue cats, Kiki aka "Coffee Cat"

Fire It Up!

Ready to Go!

Get Out and Vote

For "The O"!

Kiki is one of the most persistent cats I have ever rescued. She is not shy in asking for some love or food. She is the one making the phone calls today on GOTV, driving vans of people to the polls, walking the lines to check for problems at polling places. If she were a human, she would be my mentor. She is about 16 years old and the only reason she is still here is that she has medical problems and will likely stay in our rescue for the rest of her life. She is a fabulous cat. Loves everyone.

So watch this... and yell it out!


On exit polls. This is mandatory reading [hint: No credible early exit polls will be out until after 5pm EST (8pm PST)]. Reading this will keep your blood pressure down and keep you out of the "fear zone". Read it here, from Daily Kos. You will thank me later.


One of my all time fav You Tube Vids on the election. An early one, but a great one: