Saturday, November 1, 2008

Some Neat-O Stuff! Fun + Nobel Endorsements for The O

Susan Russell has a great vid over at An Inch At A Time, well worth watching and it will make you smile.

Here is Dr. Gellman, a US Nobel Peace Prize recipient (1969 in Physics), reading a letter from 76 other U.S. Nobel winners in physics, chemistry and physiology and medicine endorsing Obama (2:50). By the way, the prestigious Nature magazine also endorsed Obama, the first endorsement of a president they have ever made.

Think this election is important to scientists?

This is a fun You Tube Video on John McCain, "Friends":

And this is JUST amazing! Two Canadian radio show hosts pretended they were the French President... and Palin responds! TOO FUNNY. How this happened is just a giant question!

And Politico has this coverage of the call.