Monday, November 3, 2008

LDS in Salt Lake Hold No on Prop 8 Candlelight Vigil

...And other Prop 8 news.

--Go here to read. Just imagine how many would turn out if they were honest, open and supportive. But for some, it takes a long time.

--A Little movtivation and HOPE for you to go to sleep by. This 3:25 min video ALWAYS makes me cry--always. It represents, for me the pain I hold inside that is coming to the top through this election. The disappointment in some of my country's actions. The terrible, terrible sadness at the lives our government has taken and the shame of some of our leaders for lying to us--the shame now resting over the entire country because of wrong action. But it makes me cry because I have great hope that this will soon be over. I am waiting for the release of eight years of pent-up frustration and anger. I am waiting for the sun to show through the clouds. I am waiting for a new day.

--And here is a spanking new piece written by Max Blumental on Howard Ahmanson (our old IRD friend and Chief Theocrat) and his involvement in Prop 8 funding.