Friday, November 7, 2008

TEC, Prop 2 and Prop 8: This is How We Walk With Integrity?

Anyone that knows me knows I love animals, am a devout Episcopalian and am a huge supporter of the lgbt community in their quest (Episcopalian or not) for equal rights and recently under California law (prop 8).

That said, I read something tonight that just lit me up in a big way, and this is church and its personal, and I am really pissed off.

One doesn't have to believe in one thing to the loss of another. I can believe and support humane treatment of animals AND support equal rights for all lgbt people. One does not effect the other, and they should not be used against one another, or compared, especially in The Episcopal Church (TEC) nor should the term "rights" be so broadly used to include chickens and lgbt people. It is an insult to both.

Nor should one TEC Ministry be dissed by another, and that is exactly what has happened.


In the grief over the passage of Prop 8, we find some in TEC, including priests, attacking Proposition 2's passage (humane farm animal treatment) in the context of rights. You don't attack others in the church. You sure don't attack other ministries in the church. And WHAT is your flipping problem with animals being treated humanely and WHY in the world would you EVER equate chickens to lgbt people. Have you no damn sense at all?

SHAME on you. All of you and you know who you are.

I can understand it when a Fox News reporter does something this stupid and uncaring. I cannot understand it when an Episcopal Priest does it, let alone three Episcopal priests to date.


The Episcopal Church has many ministries, and ENAW (Episcopal Network for Animal Welfare... and please note it does not say RIGHTS) is one. Not that I don't personally believe animals should have rights, I do.

When an abused animal comes into my rescue--one beaten, torn, sometimes used as bait, neglected to the point of near death--it makes me understand, from a Biblical perspective, that creation--ALL creation (unless of course you don't believe that) is sacred and of God. The Bible doesn't describe your fluffy companion animal v. a chicken as some exemption. And you know that. So stop it.

As a priest apparently now understands the term companion animal--a term not found in the Bible--it suggests, apparently, that companion animals are to be treated differently than farm animals. Oh really?

When the mid east folks wanted to test biochemical weapons on animals, which animals did they use? Dogs. Not chickens. It is a horrible experiment, and those of you familiar with the tapes know that and those of you that don't, I am happy to send them to you so you can throw up and dream bad things for months on end. Dogs are useless there. They are considered filthy. Chickens you can eat. Yummy.

Do we, as a church (despite the odd machinations (as always) of those in the So. Cone on this issue) want to make these kind of statements that, coming from priests, seem to represent us?

You don't represent me. In fact, you have seriously pissed me off. Your comments are unthougtful and disrespectful. They make fun of life, further the disparity of respect of animal life (which, BTW, extends to wildlife and all animal life... just like Sarah Palin, in fact), and disrespects your peers.

And those of you wearing collars (without tags), I have a question for you: Do you really bless those animals, do you even care, or is this just boring rote bull that takes up your time on one Sunday every year?

Finally, WHAT is your problem? Do you believe that animals should not be treated humanely? You actually HAVE a problem with that? If so, why are you even wearing a collar. God's creation means nothing to you? You are so human centric that you see nothing beyond that or are you just so No on 8-centric that you can't and need to stab something in the heart?

Whichever, you need to take some serious time to think about your statements and conclusions.

You are NOT going to make advances in civil rights by attacking humane treatment of animals and you owe me, personally, and the humane rights groups an apology. Many of us support your issues. You don't make advances by insulting your coalition friends.

HERE is the relevant statement of Fr. Bacon from All Saints Church which was, BTW, posted on Susan Russell's site and was released by Walking With Integrity... wow. Integrity? Really?

While we have a renewed sense of hope and resolve, we at All Saints are also deeply disturbed, angered, saddened and embarrassed by the passing of Proposition 8, an attempt to revise our State’s Constitution to be a document of discrimination against an entire class of citizens. How immoral to use the State Constitution to deprive some citizens of their human rights instead of guaranteeing human rights for all! The proponents of Proposition 8 seem to be callously unaware of the abusive impact on lesbian and gay citizens and their allies when California votes to give rights to poultry and take them away from human beings.

There is NO excuse for this. None.

Feel free to post your personal apology here.