Saturday, November 29, 2008

Returning From The Holiday Void + Other Nifty Stuff

I decided to take a few days off to do some visiting with friends, some cooking, and some sleeping. The older I get, the more I appreciate sleeping. A fine art.

Spent the day with my 94yo mom (she'll be 95 in January), then came home and went to a neighbors where most (not me!) did as much drinking as eating. Then home and watched a movie (The Illusionist) which put me right to sleep... took three tries and not because the movie was a sleeper, either. Actually, the movie was quite good. One of those with a lot of twists and turns that needs to be watched in one sitting... and carefully. Nice day.

Friday, ran errands, got two new senior cats in (both thin, both black, and both 15yo--how sad is that to be in a shelter at 15?) and went to a neighbors for a TGiving reprise. Yum.

So here we are at Saturday, and I have guys working on the house (redoing some stucco and it's pound, pound, pound... and weird noises... repeat). They are putting on new paper and wire, then to the scratch coat, then final matching coat. Be glad when that is done. Been waiting about 5 years to do this. Then the electrical finish, then new windows... then paint... then start the inside and redo the landscaping (meaning... think about how to do that with 10 dogs...). Argh. I hope it is done before I die.

Oh, and Christmas is in there somewhere.

We got our first glorious rains, and I hope it will be enough to keep the fire monsters away even when we get more wind. Everything looks clean and fresh, now. I could almost hear the wild land sighing, and now it is time for many species to go to sleep while the hawks will return to fill the skies with their mating cries. Hawks mate for life, so let us hope their mates all survived another year, and likewise the owls. I lay in bed at night and listen to the owls. Other than their cries, it is dead silent with the sometimes exception of the coyotes, especially in summer. It's just a wonderful sound.


The good news: I may have a home for my two young lilac Siamese sisters, Scratch and Sniff (I didn't name them, but it is cute!). Keep your fingers crossed. Sniff nearly died she was so sick, but she is all well now and looks terrific. both are now eating like little horses.

As you can see, they are very close. They are just fabulous cats, very loving and only a year old.

The other good news is that Chuck and Spencer (the orange tiger brothers) are doing better. Not great, but better. Hard road for them, but Spenser is eating a little on his own now (still being forcefed), but Chuck is still on forcefeeding only.

Chuck is looking better than Spencer, but just does not want to eat yet. But... they are better. These two boys were abandoned when someone left a mobile home park. They were nearly starved to death when they came, and both had hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver disease) as a result.

They are on appetite stimulants, but those often don't work in cats. Sometimes, if they do, they take a while to work. Both were 1/3 of their weight on incoming, poor guys. They still remain skin and bones. BUT... they are on the uphill trend, so I am really happy about that. Sometimes it does not go this well.

I just got a note that one of my rescue adoptees just got best in obedience! Here she is, and is she cute or what? Meet Sandy! Sandy was abandoned in a Fullerton Park. Some nice folks took her in, but after months of looking for her home, finally were on the verge of taking her to the shelter. So... we took her, and what a great dog. She lives with a wonderful man and his wife and is sister to a gorgeous and REALLY nice golden retriever. Hehehe, not much brushing for her... sort of a blow-and-go kinda gal. Super neat dog.

Well, since there is no bad news that I am interested in reporting, I will leave it on that positive note for now.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and had plenty to be thankful for!