Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Women in Politics: View From the Far Religious Right

Yesterday, I visited the issue of the GOP and the new demographics and how the latter will effect the former.

Today I happened upon an article discussing, from a more plain reading point of view, how many on the hard religious right view women in politics. Some of this I knew, some not, but this is an interesting piece in either case.

I am always fascinated by the notion that plain reading of the Bible--an inerrant approach minus any modern Biblical scholarship--still survives. Given the first article on the GOP and the new demographics, the notion that it will continue indefinitely into the future, in any large way, seems undermined by current trends. Of course to me, that is a great relief indeed.

It does point to problems in the GOP, in some ways, for the religious right base. Thus the move of many to the indy category, or even to the dems.

This is what happens when one wears cement boots.