Monday, January 5, 2009

CA Supreme Court Unanimous in Favor of TEC

UPDATE 2: You might find this discussion interesting!

This is priceless, and what we all have maintained from the start:

As stated in one of the out-of-state cases involving the same Episcopal Church, “[t]he individual defendants are free to disassociate themselves from [the parish and the Episcopal Church] and to affiliate themselves with another religious denomination. No court can interfere with or control such an exercise of conscience. The problem lies in defendants’ efforts to take the church property with them. This they may not do.” (Protestant Episc. Church, etc. v. Graves, supra, 417 A.2d at p. 25.) --Los Angeles Times

Just in: The CA Supreme Court today unanimously upheld the entirety of the lower court (appellate) opinion granting the Diocese of Los Angeles the rights to properties of three break-away churches.

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We can all breathe, now.

Hopefully, this will have a chilling effect upon the on-going San Joaquin litigation.