Sunday, January 25, 2009

If You LOVE Words, Like I Do...

Read this! SO fun, and so full of neat history.

Hopefully, none of us have ever had to live on Skid Row. This expression came into popular use in the Great Depression. Living on Skid Row was was the last place for someone who was on the bottom of society, or "on the skids." These skids were a very real thing, though. In the late 19th century the logging industry was growing, especially in the northwest. Large tree-trunks had to be hauled, either to sawmills or to the nearest transport. They would be moved along tracks made of greased timbers. The loggers called these 'skid roads.' Legend has it that the first Skid Row was along a Skid Road built in Seattle.

Aren't words fun!! Reminds me a lot of Steve Allen who used to do a segment on his show about words. Man oh man, am I dating myself or what?!