Friday, January 9, 2009

News For the Day: Warren Offers to Help TEC Schizmos

Update: (hate tip to dr primrose at Friends of Jake) The New York Supreme Court has ruled in favor of TEC in the NY property case. Read here. James writes on the issue here with links.

is back in the news whining, as usual. Not to mention the fact that she doesn't GET political humor, read Tina Fey. I refuse to link it as this woman just tires me, but there is a video out there on You Tube should you desire to listen to her whining and largely incomprehensible speech. Also. Too.

Rick Warren has also offered his mega-church to the TEC schizmos. Hardly surprising given he has been arm-in-arm with them in the past. Disgusting, though. Read it here. Mark Harris writes on it here.

Nine Gay Men/HIV activists have been sentenced to prison in Senegal. Read it here. More here from the Huff Post.

On the Pittsburgh TEC issue, some interesting reading here.

On St. Luke's La Crescenta (one of the now-Ugandan churches) whose case has not been heard in Los Angeles Court of Appeal, go here.

In Uganda, here's an interesting take about those leading the gay-hate. Be sure to click the link to the BBC article.

I just have to say ONE thing. Warren, until recently, got a pass on his HIV abstinence-only work in Africa. ONLY when progressive journalists--then the "evil" bloggers--got on the issue did it even come to the fore. Don't you wonder how the so-called "liberal" main-stream media managed to miss this?