Saturday, January 10, 2009

Obama Commits to Abolishing DADT (Don't Ask, Don't Tell) +...

On DADT, watch what Obama's incoming Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says in this video (this short topic begins at about 4:25/5.00 in the video) if you want to fast forward. The several questions addressed are the result of input to, round 2. Previously, Obama had said he would get to this (likely in a hoped-for second term). Go here to read on his expression of delay on the matter from November 21, 2008. Here is a piece from 365 on this and at the end, a para on DOMA.

DADT is also addressed in this short piece.

Rev. Susan Russell writes on Rick Warren's recent (eh-hem) offer to orthodox TEC churches (in this case, schizmos only, in the wake of the recent CA Supreme Court decision on their theft of TEC property) to temporarily home them as he is in solidarity with them. Now, is Warren's offer and statement just a slap at TEC in general? Well, yeah! And is it also a slap at the lgbt community (AGAIN!)? Well, yeah! Read it here. I don't attend this parish, but it is quite close, as is Warren's church to me. I find Warren's recent action as disgusting as his more recent thoughts on Prop 8, etc. And least you think I am alone, try googling Rick Warren and TEC. Some are lgbt and some straight. A LOT of them are mighty miffed. I am one.