Sunday, January 25, 2009

So Long, Sniff!

Yesterday, one of our cats, Sniff, a gorgeous young lilac Siamese, went to her brand new forever home!

We are so excited because not only is she going, her sister (Scratch) will be going to the same home in about two weeks (she has a minor fungal infection in her ear and we want to get those ears just perfect before she goes).

It is always a blessed day when a cat that was thrown away finds love in another place. As it turns out, a friend of a friend adopted the two and the home is quiet, serene and just perfect for these little girls! They really are light, like the singular picture.

I got a report this morning that Sniffy slept on the bed last night, ate well, is faithfully using her kitty box and is happy as a clam! Yeah for little Sniff! It is amazing when only one cat leaves--or enters--how the household dynamic changes. I can feel it and see it.

Two more adult cats are coming next Saturday. Their human family is in crisis and has been waiting for a spot to open here, so happily, I let them know last night we FINALLY have an open spot!

So say a prayer of thanks to God for these two little ones and a prayer of hope for the two new ones coming in.