Sunday, January 18, 2009

Some Sunday News Early Ed.

Update 1: Here's our Bishop Gene! To read a copy of Bishop Gene's prayer (HBO apparently screwed up and missed Gene's prayer live), go over to Friends of Jake, here.

Update 2: Here is our President Elect giving his speech before the Lincoln Memorial (6:40).

Udate 3: If you missed the inaugural concert, it is being re-run twice tonight. Go here for times/concert.

Gov. Bobbly Jindal (R-LA) says he is not interested in running for president in 2012. One has to wonder, then, why this hard line uber-conservative who is anti-choice, anti-stem cell research, anti-same gender marriage (and pro-constitutional revision to further outlaw it), and who supports a permanent "Patriot" Act, an amendment to outlaw flag burning, co-payments for medicaid, off shore oil drilling, teaching of "intelligent" design in public schools, and chemical castration of certain sex crimes perpetrators is playing further to the extreme religious right. In December, Jindal formed the Louisiana Commission on Marriage and Family. And who, but the most strident from the religious right, are a part? Tony Perkins, Gene Mills and Mike Johnson among others. Read more here. This fellow is as right radical as it gets when it comes to social policy. Keep your eye on Jindal.

Bruce Wilson at Talk to Action deconstructs Rick Warren. For folks interested in religion or theology, this is a must read. It certainly confirms what many of us are thinking. Rev. Dr. Renita Williams discusses a recent Warren letter and has some sage advice for him on issues of race.

Mike over at Lavender Wolves has an excellent piece (with great links) on the issue of legislators and how pro-marriage positions don't effect their political futures. This runs counter to the long piece I wrote on the topic and I'm pulling for Mike to be right. He also, and importantly, suggests that the study discussed in his piece be sent to legislators, writing: Perhaps even more importantly, we can help stop lawmakers from using the threats of retaliation as an alibi for their own bigotry. Way to go, Mike. Excellent piece.

This is a must read: Banks Using TARP Funds to Speculate in Oil Markets. Who does it involve? Citibank (it is cross posted here at Daily Kos, with an update and several rather interesting comments). Yes, this Citibank that your and my tax dollars bailed out (it was Claimed $5billion went to Citibank, but in reality, it was $45billion) to and which likely will need more funds in the foreseeable future. In the meantime, Senator Levin (D-MI) announced earlier this week he would be subpoenaing treasury's contract with Citibank. Treasury had promised a copy of the contract to Levin which he has not, to date, received. Levin is chairman of the Permanent Senate Subcommittee on Investigations. He might be in for an even bigger surprise than he imagined. Citibank's 52-week range: 3.05 (today) - 29.73. Last Friday, Citibank split into two entities. If you have Citibank stock, like my 95 year old mom does, God help you.