Friday, January 30, 2009

NIRS Needs Your Help--And So Does Ellie Over At MP's

UPDATE: First to Ellie. Ellie is having to put her dear dog, Izzy, down today. She was just diagnosed with bone cancer in her leg. Please visit MP's and send Ellie a prayer, and one for Izzy, too.

One of the very best--and I mean top notch--groups in the U.S. on everything nuclear is Nuclear Information Resource Service, NIRS. I worked with them (I was employed by another international environmental group at the time) on a number of radioactive waste issues and I can tell you they are truly guardians of us all when it comes to anything nuclear. I hold the highest respect for them.

NIRS needs your help to yank $50 billion in loan guarantees from the stimulus bill designed to help construct new nuclear power and "clean coal" plants. This is not the way to go green, assures even more radioactive waste which has no place to go, and in the case of coal, spews toxic metals and chemicals into our air and water and refutes attempts to stop climate change.

This will only take a minute, and if you don't belong to an organization, just type none in the organization box.

There are two things to do, and I have made it very easy for you:

1. Sign the letter to stop the nuclear and coal pork
2. Send an e-mail to your senators to stop the pork

Thank you very much. It is important to us all.