Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday News Late Ed.

Time Magazine has a new piece out on Rick Warren and dare I say it isn't exactly favorable? Read here. Warren isn't going "away" any time soon as much as we might like that. So best to be able to understand this man's contortions. A protest was, again, held today in front of his church.

The US not only tortured adults, but now it is being revealed that they tortured children. Yes, you read that right. Read about it here. Ongoing concern as to whether Bush and others within his administration will be further investigated and charged for various crimes. All I can say, is I hope so.

U2 played at the inaugural concert today, In the Name of Love . If you love this song as much as I do and feel like a good dance... here is the video:

Sadly, one of the speaker towers kept many from hearing our Bishop Gene's prayer in the Memorial/reflecting pond area (as reported by The Lead), and HBO issues and NPR overshot him. Sad given Warren won't be "missed", you can be sure.

Have a great evening, everyone!