Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hopi Needs Your Prayers--BAD Day

My God, what a dreadful day. My GSD, Hopi, 13yo, was rushed to the vet this morning with some kind of stomach or intestinal blockage. I dropped her off at the vet with the cat, George, and headed for the crematorium to have Joy Joy cremated, then dashed back to the vet. Right now, they are keeping her and trying to IV her system into passing whatever it is. This is Hopi, taken earlier this month, after a long walk in the rain with myself and Boots.
Hopi was an abandoned dog, found on the main highway by a friend almost bald from mange (and with a severe skin infection), still with milk (she was probably bred repeatedly and that is just a disaster in oh so many ways), and was found to be BOTH hypothyroid and very ill with haemolyic anemia (a horrible, often lethal immune disorder).

After about $6K, three years and four vets, her anemia resided (and never returned again), we got her thyroid levels regularized (she was on so much medication it was hard to do) which also kept her ears clear of infection (this is common with hypothyroidism), and I finally found a vet that took one look at her and knew exactly what to do for her skin that refused to completely heal.

Even at her age--and as the x-rays showed today, full of arthritis in her sternum, back, tail and with her left acetabulum and joint socket a mess--she is the (gentle) alpha dog here and is just fabulous with anything that breathes from kids to cats. She absolutely adores going for walks and meeting all the people and dogs.

I am pretty beside myself. I dearly love this dog and she has been here for a long time.

We cannot figure out what happened, and she is in real danger. The vet isn't sure she could stand the surgery (given her age, heart murmur and slightly enlarged heart). I will know more tomorrow morning about 11am (Sunday, PST).

Please say a prayer for her (and me).

I don't want to hold on to her too tightly, for she isn't mine, she belongs to God. At the same time, I am not emotionally ready to let her go. I want what is best for her, but my heart is just breaking.

With Hopi's absence and Joy Joy gone, the dog dynamic feels chaotic and the dogs all know something is seriously wrong. Little Timmy is sleeping with his head on my foot, and Boots keeps coming to me while I am typing here and laying his head on my lap--not something he ever does. I am sure they can feel my deep tension.

Thank you so very much, and I so appreciate your help for Hopi and me.