Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Warren and AIDS Work In Uganda

For those of you that contacted me privately, yes I am feeling a LOT better today. Cried myself to sleep, finally. It is just grief and I just have to wend my way through it, and thank you for your support and concern.


Now, on to Rick Warren.

This is a great piece on Warren, his support of abstinence-only AIDS funding (earmarking), and his connection to the vitriolic and, in my opinion, extremely dangerous anti-lgbt Ugandan pastor Martin Ssempa. It is a well written piece with links. On the same topic, this is also a powerful piece.

Then, here, Dr. Kenneth L. Samuel, Senior Pastor of Victory for the World United Church of Christ in Stone Mountain, GA, writes about the disconnect between Warren, Dr. King and lgbt civil rights. It, too, is an excellent well thought through piece, in my opinion, and well worth the read.

Yesterday and today have been big news days and now that I have my head back on somewhat straight, I find some of it quite remarkable. More later.