Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Pope and I Apparently Have Something In Common

January 27th was the Holocaust Memorial Day. I am deeply ashamed that I missed the date, and I sincerely apologize.

This date--January 27--despite all other things, keeps the memory of those that died at the hands of Hitler: Jews, gypsies, gay and lesbian people, and certain Christian people and keeps the memory of what can and did happen in current history, as it should be.

We must never forget. Never.

This week, the Pope did something that made many people in the world very unhappy, and they are unhappy for good reason.

We both, the Pope and me, forgot the importance of this date.

Those of us in TEC read from the Jewish books during our liturgy, and we read and study it as well else wise. It is a vital and irreplaceable part of our thinking.

So how is it that we do not ask those among us to recognize this date?

Both of us--me and the Pope--were wrong, albeit for different reasons, but nonetheless, wrong.

View the LA Times slide show on the matter, here.

I deeply apologize.