Thursday, January 22, 2009

SHE Badly Needs a Speech Writer: Quote of the Day

1. This is from you-know-who up there in the detached state, also too. There is a tie between two quotes of the day, both are equally outrageous:

Our biologists have protected game by eliminating predators from calving grounds and we'll further protect herds, some of which are at precariously low levels of abundance - thus ultimately promoting the population growth of every species.

I guess every species doesn't include wolves, and bear sows and cubs all of which can be shot from airplanes to lower their numbers. How that is a "growth of every species" is beyond me.

And for your second source of entertainment:

Responsible resource development - including drilling, mining, timber and tourism - means more jobs, instead of more government.

This from a woman who supported the pebble mine which would disrupt and pollute water sources. Should you be interested in reading the whole thing (which I don't recommend though given she penned this herself, it is interesting given Obama's speech which he also penned), go here. She apparently has now signed an attorney to help her land a lucrative book deal. Please, God, let someone write it for her. I don't think our minds could withstand the unmanageable sentences and tiny ideas. And with a possible $11 million in the deal, gosh won't she just be your average soccer mom then? You betcha.

2. The Detroit Free Press Gets The DOH! Award for This Headline:

Some see Palin's media slams as spotlight grab

Nothing like understating the obvious.