Friday, August 15, 2008

Arrows to Targets: Good Stuff

Yesterday, I was writing on whether Anglicans were closer or father from the RCC, my perspective from observation. Today, retired Rev. George Clifforde writes on the topic at Episcopal Cafe, doing a much more thorough job of it than I ever could. Worth a read.

Wednesday, I was musing on the covert TEC-attacking group, IRD. The previous day, award winning journalist Katie Sherrod posted a press release from an investigative group doing work on right-wing groups which includes a great link to more information on the IRD and references the document that I posted on Thursday in far greater detail. The insidious IRD is very important to watch, and links take you to information about "how" they get into a parish and act from the inside, what to look for, and how to defeat it. It's very important information to have. It also discusses preemptive actions that can be taken.

Scott Ritter writes about a very scary (and certainly inappropriate and dangerous) experience in 2003 as he set about trying to get a handle on the WMD situation in Iraq. More bad news involving covert forces from US acting in concert with those that obviously pulled the wool over the eyes of America and its leaders. A must read if your tastes run to the increasingly fragile foundation on which the Bush administration pretends to "protect" American interests and how our own government acts against it citizens when they get too close to the truth.

Here, the wonderful Padre Mickey writes on two modern Saints, Maximilian Kolbe and Jonathan Myrickone. The former was murdered during the US Civil Rights era, and the latter was murdered at Auschwitz. Hanky alert on this one.

Finally, for those of you who are cat lovers (of all sizes), I refer you here. "> Ooo aw alert.