Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Orombi Amidst a New Revelation

One would think that upon becoming clergy and later adding a few ++ to the front of one's name in an Anglican Province--in this case, Orombi, Archbishop of the Church of the Province of Uganda--would occasion a glance at the history of the Anglican Communion to include how the guy with the really, really pointy hat, Rowan Williams, got the job.

In a rather remarkable bolt-of-lightning moment, Orombi apparently figured out (alas a mere five years ago... and, coincidentally, just about the time +Gene Robinson was ordained) that the really, really pointy hat position is caused by the secular and crown elements of England.

“The peculiar thing is that this one man, who is at the centre of the communion's structures, is not even elected by his peers,” the Ugandan archbishop said, noting “even the Pope is elected by his peers, but what Anglicans have is a man appointed by a secular government.”

“Over the past five years, we have come to see this as a remnant of British colonialism, and it is not serving us well. The spiritual leadership of a global communion of independent and autonomous provinces should not be reduced to one man appointed by a secular government,” Archbishop Orombi said.

Don't get me wrong, just because most everyone in the world knew this in 2003, it is entirely possible that Orombi might have slept through that class and missed this little factoid. But how he missed in on Google is beyond me.

But then, beginning as a born-again Christian (of course Anglicans are born-once), Orombi may not have been reading from the same play book from the get-go which might explain his rather Baptist-like, literal reading of scripture atop the one-legged stool (also known as a pogo stick) used to bounce from Uganda to various locations seeking to pilfer people and assets from other provinces (which, BTW, is listed as a no-no in the Windsor Report that he constantly refers to. Perhaps his copy only contains Section 1.10?).

Orombi's rather odd behavior is similar to buying a home next to an airport then complaining about the noise.

For twenty some-odd years he belonged to a church that doesn't elect their really, really pointy hat person, and somehow this revelation just zaps him in 2003 when Gene Robinson was elevated to Bishop. What a coinky-dinky, no? Perhaps he was disappointed when he didn't get the job having the millions of members he claims who may belong to more than one church. But I digress.

Clearly, as he as also stated, he cannot get people to think about clean water because they are SO distracted about +Gene Robinson--one gay man who lives on the other side of the globe. I'm sure if MY kids were ill from dirty water, +Gene Robinson would be the first and only thing on my mind, so I guess I can't blame him there.

Incredibly, though, there are some Bishops in other places who seem to be getting on in mission without +Gene Robinson on the brain. Maybe they are better shepherds.

Anyway, so it would seem that Orombi (the anti-colonial colonialist) now thinks that the wearer of the really, really pointy hat either needs a buddy, or perhaps an election.

Ever get the impression this guy wandered into the wrong church one day, never realized it, and never left?