Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mark Tooley of IRD on Hillary Clinton

Mark Tooley, a former eight-year CIA employee working for the Institute for Religion and Democracy ( and maker of all right religious and political "right") penned a bizarre article on Hillary Clinton, Hillary's God, in a publication, Front Page Magazine, that can only make a reasonable human being giggle. Writers in this dis-mag include the likes of Ann Coulter and everyone to the right of her who inflame readers with articles on every thing from lgbt hits to the absolute debasing of religions not Christian right. Funny, except these whack-jobs are actually serious.

Given the POV of the known writers, one can only assume the readers dizzy and sophmoric (not to mention hard right wing, politically, which is what this is really all about in the name of God). But, in their defense, they DO have hard political connections to those in this country who have said that God told them to invade Iraq (Bush), and who view their opposition as Satan (almost everyone connected with Bush including some military leaders). Gee.

And to think there is a supposed separation of church and state let alone some sanity up there--behind the cloak of OZ.

But most of America knows that sanity doesn't reign in the White House anymore and hasn't for... gee at least almost eight whole years now. Not so according to some in the IRD who seek to see America as a theocratic (of course that would be their theocracy) state and whose SECULAR funders look like a corporate kill list. Interesting their name. Perhaps more appropriately, The Institute for Our Theocracy, or perhaps Institute for Right Wing Politics and Funders Theocracy. Afterall, they do have funders like the really weird Howard Ahmanson, and a super select bunch from the Coors Beer family (which BTW must have been chewing on rawhide during the recent Dem Convention in their beoved beer state which they have contributed a serious amount of pollution to as a corporation).

A werird bunch, but these guys have juice with Bush, Rove et. al. which, of course, figures.

IRD is a group which, in 1982, came together to fight for the political right in Latin America, the first founder associated with the infamous American criminal Ollie North. In the last decade, and particularly since 2000, IRD's focus has shifted (but only slightly) to include dismantling of the mainline US churches--Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian--for their social gospel and work. They have also attacked tjhe UCC, Barack Obama's church. Their purpose is to drive these churches into the ground and their social witness out of context and existence. After all, Christ would only support wealthy conservatives who are right wing, right?

The IRD is attached to many groups which have fomented schism in The Episcopal Church in the last decade. If you are Episcopalian, Methodist, Presbyterian, UCC or other churches attacked, you know the names if, in fact, you understood what happened.

Well worth reading to get a feeling for their hyperbola and propaganda.

And oh, BTW--watch for them as considered experts on everything religious by corporate media. That is where their political stock is invested.

Always good to know your enemy.