Sunday, August 17, 2008

IRD Exec Speaks On Obama/McCain Forum with Rick Warren

It is hardly surprising that Alan Wisedom (there's a name for ya!), a self-titled "expert" hailing from the Institute of Religion and Democracy (IRD), was featured this morning on Fox News offering a four minute 24 second analysis on the Obama/McCain Forum held last night at evangelical megachurch Saddleback Valley Church located in Orange County, CA. You can view this here (note link runs a 6 second spot on "cotton" then gets to it).

Nor is it surprising that Fox News calls on this uber right wing group to pronounce truth. One of Fox's own political contributors, Fred Barnes, co-host of Fox's "Beltway Boys" and editor of the Weekly Standard, sits on the Board of Directors of the IRD. In fact, the IRD boasts of their media abilities, and clearly they are good at it.

What do YOU see in this video?

This is exactly how they gain their legitimacy, and while Fox wouldn't care one whit about letters they receive regarding IRD's real agenda, keep it in mind for other stations and opportunities.

There are plenty of other experts out there.