Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Biden Speaks At Dem Convention:This is America's Time!

"I've Never seen a time when so many people are getting knocked down and Washington does nothing to help them get back up."

"He [McCain] voted 19 times against the minimum wage."

Biden's son, Delaware Attorney General, Bo Biden, was spactacular in talking about his dad. Biden is also a natural speaker. Just comes across as a "regular Joe", though he is anything but. He comes across tough when he has to be, but very compassionate. It is evident he has a great heart for people.

He complimented McCain for his service, but went right after him for his 95% vote with Bush and his failure to see that the American economy is, at best, weak.

He addressed veterans, renewable energy, and the fact that we need change so badly. He addressed health care, affordable health care for every American. He talked about social secuity, equal pay for women, national security, US iolation, weapons, climate change, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. He addressed talking to Iran v. action. He addressed a time line for Iraq.

He did an EXCELLENT job of showing how on issues, Obama was right and McCain was right. He went through issue after issue showing it. He can speak on his feet, can be tough as nails, but is a compassionate man.

This is a smart, passionate man that should he have to take the position of Commander in Chief, he is clearly up to the task.

Then Obama came out! Wonderful!

What a GREAT day for Obama. Bruce Springsteen music is playing... so, excuse me, but I have to get up and dance!

Then, playing.... "We are Family"...

Come on folks, let's get this done!

Have you volunteered at an Obama office yet? If not, make that call... get down there!

Photo Credit: Times Online