Sunday, August 24, 2008

Phoenix AZ Baptist Church Airs Portion of Saddleback Forum

Pretty creepy.

How many of you watched this in your church today?

At the North Phoenix Baptist Church Sunday, Pastor Dan Yeary aired clips of interviews McCain and Obama gave a week ago to Pastor Rick Warren. Seated, with his second wife, Cindy, at this side, McCain watched himself describe his "greatest moral failure" — the failure of his first marriage.

"I have been a very imperfect person," McCain said then. "It's my greatest moral failure."

Yeary described the exchange as a "seminal moment" in the presidential campaign. For balance, Yeary showed Democrat Barack Obama's confession in the same interview that he was too self-absorbed.

"I couldn't focus on other people," Obama said.

McCain, the hometown favorite, got a solid round of applause from the congregation, yet another odd moment in a presidential campaign where the two major rivals are growing increasingly isolated, even as voters use the convention season to begin paying attention to the campaign.

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