Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bill Clinton: Lightning Strikes!

"Our Nation is in trouble..."

"People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power."

"Now, let's send them [McCain and the GOP] a message that will echo from the Rockies all across America, a simple message: Thanks, but no thanks."

Watch it here.

Wow, what a greeting this President Got!

No person in their right mind would take Bill Clinton to task for his public speaking ability. He is funny, sincere, at ease and an attentive speaker. Regardless of his incredibly inane mistake while in the White House, I remain holding nothing but respect for him and most of his policies. NAFTA and nuclear power for No. Korea are not among them.

I met him, after he had won his first election at the Reagan offices here in CA before he took office in January. We were protesting over a proposed California radioactive waste dump and he was amazingly friendly. He is extremely charismatic and there is no question he is extremely bright. Lots of interesting stories came out of that day.

There was barely a subject Clinton didn't address, including Katrina, HIV (including our badly needed domestic needs), energy, economics, military, health coverage, unions, wages, poverty, torture, national security, sexual orientation ...

He also just sent a wave of "sound familiar?" when he said that he was called too young and too inexperienced to be President. Home run, Bill! Nice hit! And he addressed one of the GOP's issues with Obama. And boy did he go after Bush and McSame!

Excellent job, Bill!