Sunday, August 17, 2008

Whoopee! I Kicked It!

How fun is this?!

I got my very first blogger award! Yeah! I got a Kick Ass award:) Is that kewl or WHAT? Here it is!

Okay, I know you are calling for a speech... So I'd like to thank Leonardo, Padre Mickey, my 6th grade teacher Ms. Freece, the world for such fascinating material and especially you politicians and religious types--that need your asses kicked.

Tank U!

Update: Okay my awards and links
This was NOT EASY:)

1. For my favorite extremely passionate extrovert, Leonardo, waaaaaay down south who I would love to visit someday (vakayshun... um wht iz dat?), and because his art is as colorful and passionate as he is, and because everyone should have a volcano like his and I'm envious!

2. For extraordinary insight into Anglican-land using sarcasm and wit, for being who he is, the really kewl sunglasses, and for the many, many :snorts: enjoyed on this end of the intertubes, The Reverend Doctor Christian Troll at GAFCON.

3. For really excellent writing and content and for the love that drips through my monitor when reading his blog, and who makes me wish I lived farther north, James

4. For a beautiful site to eye and mind, thought provoking content beautifully put (though I wish he would post more, I really like this site), Mike, Lavender Wolves

5. For a co-op of great writers from diverse backgrounds, consistently good writing and content and because (unlike me) they keep it to a reasonable length instead of a novelette, and because, well, you guys just rock, IT, Padre Mickey, David, Eileen and Ann at Friends of Jake

UPDATE: GADS! I left IT off the friends-of-jake blogspot. SO very sorry, IT -- forgive me.