Sunday, August 17, 2008

Did McCain Lie Again? Rick Warren And Other Such Wonders

There have been rumbles all day about the story McCain told last night at the Saddleback Church forum, led by its evangelical pastor Rick Warren, about the "cross in the sand". If you heard it last night, apparently, in lo these many years, this is the first time the story has been told. Go here and read on Daily Kos. It's an interesting read.

And speaking of Saddleback Church, Andrew Sullivan at shares his impressions in a short, very nifty article on the first major Obama v. McCain "encounter" taking place in a church. I admit, as devout as I am, I don't like it either. Not one bit. In the article, Warren is quoted, as making this statement in an interview with Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg which I admit finding quite chilling:

"I believe in the separation of church and state, but I do not believe in the separation of politics from religion. Faith is simply a worldview. A person who says he puts his faith on the shelf when he's making decisions is either an idiot or a liar. It's entirely appropriate for me to ask what is their frame of reference." [sic]

Gads. There is just so much wrong with this statement.

It would appear that in Warren's mind, the laws of the US and the force of the Constitution have little place in the White House. Hardly a surprise, anymore, when Bush has said God told him to attack Iraq which had many of us speculating that he belonged in a psychiatrist's office, not the oval office.

Faith is also not a world view. There are plenty of extremely bright leaders that are atheists and agnostics. I don't vote for a candidate because they do or do not believe in God. I vote for their secular positions on issues and whether or not I believe they be able to play well with others in the world. I am a "talk, not bombs" kind of person. Anyone that knows our blog friend IT, a co-blogger here with Christians, knows that intelligence and great communication are not tied to Christianity or any other belief.

As for idiots and liars, well, Rick, McCain fits the latter category most surely and the fact that you are willing to brand disbelievers in this way, well tsk, tsk my dear. After your recent quote about disagreement where you said, "People can disagree without being disagreeable," I find your name calling, well... disagreeable. I'm sure glad I'm not the one that said it.

And, while I'm at it, I might point out an irony for ol Obama: The IRD is after your church, UCC, too.

Hanging out with folks like Rick Warren who buddies on the African continent with folks like Orombi and Akinola--each having an interest in jailing everything and everyone gay (if these lgbt folks are not killed first) -- does reflect on you, buddy. And it just ain't Christian. And oh, Obama, did I mention that the IRD thinks that Orombi, Akinola and their pals in the US are just fine? Pals like Rick Warren and the CCP? Have YOU a clue what the IRD has in store for your church?

Dear, you can't pass the stink test right now. You need to get straight on this.

Finally, to give you a smile: