Sunday, August 24, 2008

Films and Cat Shuffle

Been a busy last couple of days. Thursday, I cooked for the local music night where fun was had by all (including me and the other three ladies that help serve). It's a lovely way to bring the community together once a month. The organizer, through the last couple of years of doing this, has been able to buy all our own stage equipment, mics, PA, stands, mixing board, etc. which the community also uses for our October 'Country Fair'. Everyone brings their own beach chairs and/or tables and sits on the lawn (after a snake search!) at the local community center/park, kids run around having fun with one another, and local musicians play for the community. It's a fun little deal in this wee community.

Last night I had the urge to watch a film, so I watched Richard Burton and Peter O'Toole in Hal Wallis' 2.5 hour-long production of Becket. I love this film. I've probably seen it ten times. I also watched (for the fourth time in as many days) The Prestige which stars, among others, Michael Caine, my all time favorite actor. If you have not seen this film, I highly recommend it. But SIT and watch it straight through. It has a lot of twists and turns and a very surprising ending. I had to watch it four times to get it--LOL.

I am one of those that 'suspends disbelief' the second the music shows up, so when I want to really understand a film, I have to watch it multiple times. Acting looks so easy and must be so hard when done by the caliber of actors in this film. Michael Caine in Educating Rita is one of my top five films. I think Caine is amazing.

Cats are notorious for being hard to photograph well, and mine are no different. What I didn't notice (in between a short rest to replace batteries) was that they had all changed places!

This comfy positioning (near an open window) was changed to the following in about two minutes.

Each of these cats is a rescue cat. The gray, Smokey, came from a terrible abandonment situation caused, in part, by the county closing down an illegal immigrant camp. They never thought about the animals, and dozens and dozens of cats/kittens were left behind (many kittens that we had not yet trapped crushed by bull dozers) and many dogs remaining free. Smokey was a natural to stay here, plus he had IBD (which he is now out from under thanks to a raw diet).

The black, Ace, is a fabulous shelter cat. I have a weakness for the blacks and have always owned one given both black cats and black dogs are the most frequently left unadopted, then killed.

The muted calico, Mommy-Mommy, was a feral. It took me four years to get her inside because she would NOT go into a trap. She's been in now for about five years and is an amazing cat.

These three are very close, obviously.