Friday, October 3, 2008

After Five Straight Days of Cooking, It's Done. Almost.

Where I live in this little neck of the GOP wildebeest ignored, we have an annual fair. I have been cooking for it most of my last 25 years.

I love to cook, but these fairs are major trauma. I have a wee little kitchen, and most of its norms are on the living room floor during this affair to free up counter space. Oooooo for counter space. It's Homer gone Madge.

It was 100 degrees here this week, and yes, my oven was on. Argh... Ice cold showers are lovely on these occasions.

But it's all done now until 4 this morning when I rise, take care of the animals, get the last of things loaded and off I go to... cook for two more days. BBQ, specifically.

This is a really odd thing for me to do, actually. I don't eat much meat and it is not my preferred food, but I was raised in a meat and potatoes family, so I get it.


Pork Ribs with Potato Salad, Baked Beans and Garlic Bread.

Bratwurst with Super Sauerkraut

I might not be posting much for the next 48. Tomorrow is an 18 hour day, all of it on my two very old feet, the following day a bit easier, but tear down, also.

The money, literally, goes to the dogs and cats. It helps to spay/neuter for those that have financial issues, and helps with senior dogs we take in given their oft exploding medical costs.

So think well of this effort this weekend, if you would, and say a prayer I hold together okay.

I'm awfully tired, and pretty stressed lately. I hope this weekend will be a breath of fresh air amid the hard work. That would be so nice.