Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama's Election Day Plan: He GETS It

Update: A new Pew poll is out, and it is pretty dang amazing. Find it here. Pew is very highly regarded. This is NOT the time, however, for complacency. We have 14 days to go. Keep at it, don't stop.

Update: And if you love John Stewart, as I do, and need a great number of laughs, watch THIS. YOU PEOPLE not in rural America, you Pfneed to see this.

And just in case you STILL believe that a Wasilla Mayor isn't prepared to be pres, and need a little coaching on Todd Palin's 7-year involvement with a The Alaska Independence party, a state secessionist group, watch this from John--incredibly funny:

After both 2000 and 2004 saw incredible levels of voter tampering and problems, no one is expecting anything different this year as state after state is already reporting GOP attempts--pre-election and at the polls--to dissuade voters and remove voters from voter lists. There has also been funny business with election machines in several states where Obama votes are going to McCain on machines whose manufacturer was banned by the State of California.

But Obama, a constitutional law attorney and expert with experience in voter problems--has it covered.

Read this over at Daily Kos.

If you are in Florida or Ohio (the former having serious flaws in 2000, and the latter in 2004), there is a slightly different problem this year:

Ohio and Florida still have meltdown potential, but not for the same reasons as before. They're among the growing number of states that require an exact match between a voter's ID and his or her voter registration information. These "no-match, no-vote" policies mean that any typo or nickname can get you disqualified. Norden uses himself as an example: he's Larry on his driver's license, Lawrence on his voter registration and, if he's in a "no match, no vote" state," he won't be voting. Both Ohio and Florida--two of the top swing states--have these policies. In Ohio, things look particularly grim: about 200,000 of the 660,000 voters who have registered there since Jan. 1 have records that don't match other government databases—and, on Friday, the Supreme Court ruled that Ohio's top election officials do not have to do more to help counties verify voter eligibility. Those 200,000 disputed registrations are a serious concern in a swing state where the Republican margin of victory was only 119,000 votes last time around.
--Newsweek, 10/21/2008

There are voter problems in many, many states, including massive problems in "swing" states.

Please go here, click on your state, do the reading and get it out to people--it is not just swing states that need the alert, but all states.

We are never free--nor are we represented--unless our elections are safe.

Go here to report ANY kind of voter suppression tactics, ballot confusion, machine problems, changes you have not made, but are present, in your registration, party etc.

If you have a problem, please do the following:

1. contact your local Obama campaign office. Describe the problem as best you can. Keep all documentation until well after the election--you or they may need it.

2. contact your local Registrar of Voter's office and file a complaint. It may be called something else in your state.

3. contact your local and regional media, print, online etc. let them know the nature of the problem. if you don't know who they are, google it.

Don;t let anyone fool with your vote.

Please inform people on your own blogs. You can link to this, or anyone of the sites here. If you want to copy and repost this, you have my permission as long as nothing is changed. No need to credit this site, just get the word out.

If you are in a state with extent problems or litigation, please address that and get it out.