Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Won: And Your Dog Knows It, Too

Well, well, well. Finally, the debates are over. Thank God.

McCain got some snap in there, alright: The frustration of not being the leader in this campaign while Obama was his normal cool--the guy I WANT next to the nuclear football with Biden staring him in the eyes.

McCain's negative attacks didn't work, in fact, they show they have hurt him/Palin.

Tonight, ironically, McCain said his folks would help special needs families, for instance, like Palin with a son that has Autism. Her son has Down's, not autism. He repeated this error multiple times.

Why in the world do I know more about her than he does? I think I vetted her early on a lot better than he did. In fact, I know I did! And he is proud of her? And she "represents" women (gasp!)?

I'll tell you something. There are two types of people and you can sort them out like this:

There are those that train a dog calmly with a low voice, are gentle, patient, consistent, persistent and have a commanding presence, and those that flail around and scream and yell while the dog basically wonder's what's up and pees on their pant leg from stress and frustration.

Obama is the former, McCain the latter.

For you dog owners, dog show types, rescuers and trainers, you know exactly what I mean.

And if you have a plumber named Joe, might want to rethink that.

If you were listening to CSB (cnet), you heard Joe (that little racist shit) equate Obama to Sammy Davis Jr. by saying they both tap dance. That was enlightening.

But still, we cannot stop.

Work until the polls close Nov. 4th for both the No on 8, and the pro-Obama campaigns.

Then go with friends to watch the results, where, at the end of the evening, barring some terrible unforseen change in the next 19 days, you will go home happily knowing that our country stands a chance for the first time in 8 very long years.

The early results, if we stay on this tract, will be McCain's. They will include the east/south east, then the midwest, then the Rocky Mountain regions. Obama will shine in some of these races, but not until later when some battleground states are counted, and after the polls close in the west which is blue.

So just know that, and don't fret early on.

This will come true if we don't take our eyes off the ball.