Monday, October 20, 2008

Biden on Ellen's Show Today and More

Please Put Obama's Grandmother on Your Prayer List

Obama's grandmother, who helped to raise him, is recently released from the hospital and reported not to be doing well. Obama has suspended his planned Thursday and Friday campaign stops and will be doing a shortie in Indiana, then is heading to Hawaii to be with his grandmother.

Joe Biden and Ellen on Prop 8 Today

You go, Joe! I love this man. Watch the video! (about 5 min, and quite good!)

As you probably know, Ellen bought $100K of air time to show her add against Prop 8. Daily Kos, on Saturday and Sunday's Hell to Pay fundraiser raised over $200K for the No on Prop 8 campaign.
Here is her 30 sec. add:

Violence Around the Country

Well, it is finally happening, as many of us predicted. Cars are being smashed, people are being threatened with violence, an Obama canvasser was punched in the face, tires on 40 cars were slashed at an Obama rally in Colorado, and on and on. I'm not going to say another word about this for the moment except to note that frightened people, egged on by radio and the McCain campaign hate rhetoric are who I hold responsible. They seem to be snapping like twigs. If you are canvassing, please do not go alone. But go! If you sense danger, MOVE to safety. Trust your instincts.

Check on Your Voter Registration

With all the wacky stuff going on with registrations, it won't hurt to check to see if you:
1. ARE registered, and
2. If you are registered in the right party.

Contact your local registrar of voters by whatever name. Lots of party switches in this last debacle by GOP hired guys.

If you are doing early voting and are having ANY problems, contact an Obama campaign office and report it to your local registrar of voters and your local media. Don't be quiet or silent about it.

Crazy Congressman Michele Bachman in Serious Trouble Now Thanks to Her Big Mouth and Tiny Ideas

Thanks to her wacky ideas and big mouth, Bachman opponents poured money--huge sums--into her Minnesota democratic congressional opponent's campaign, Mayor Elwyn Tinklenberg. In just a few short days, $700,00K came in (he had raised about a million, prior), and the DCCC is now going to spend $1million in the race, in addition.

If you have not seen the just absolutely bizarre Bachman on her liberals are unAmerican and should be investigated rant, go here and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Start at about 4:00. It is just unbelieveable and really needs to be seen to be believed.

And Something Fun (and Challenging!)

Try this "eyeballing" test!

I got a really lousy 14.2 (the lower the score the better!) And you?