Friday, October 24, 2008

More at HER Expense, Plus Other Nifty News

UPDATE: This is incredibly good, and quite funny...


Well, Palin apparently hasn't quite been able to shed her beauty pageant days. As we know, image is everything in some cases.

The International Herald Tribune reports this today (which just cracked me up!):

Who was the highest paid individual in Senator John McCain's presidential campaign during the first half of October as it headed down the homestretch?

Not Randy Scheunemann, McCain's chief foreign policy adviser; not Nicolle Wallace, his senior communications staffer. It was Amy Strozzi, Governor Sarah Palin's traveling makeup artist, according to a new filing with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday night.

I just had to imagine how that money might have been better spent, say on more debate coaching, more sessions on international affairs. And, of course, the totals are not in. Palin's staff bought her more clothes when they landed in Nevada.

In case you are wondering what this makeup artist makes, it is (drum roll) $22,800.00 for the first two weeks of October alone. Wow. Her hair stylist made $10,000.00 for the first half of October.

That's Ms. Joe Sixpack alright, that little Maverick. I will keep the truly snide comments to myself because you are probably thinking the same thing.

As we were loading and unloading 6,000 lbs. of dog/cat food yesterday in 90-degree weather, I had my hair in a long braid. On my feet were an old pair of tennis shoes. The rest of my expensive attire included jeans and a t-shirt. By the time we finished, I was absolutely soaked with sweat.

So who is really Ms. Joe Sixpack? Me, the progressive dem voting for Obama. What irony. That $2500.00 jacket Palin was wearing? Well, that could pay for about 1,000 male cats to be neutered, 900 female cats, or 250 large dogs.

I guarantee you won't ever be seeing this 'gal' in a $2500.00 jacket. I have some really cool jackets--experienced jackets--from the thrift store, though. Great price, great value.


This next part is far more serious. It involves terrorism and murder.

We have all heard (and heard, and heard) about William Ayers and his Weatherman days. Fortunately, no one died in those attacks. At one point after the first several bombings, the Weatherman notified targets so the people could evacuate. Still bad, but apparently Palin has trouble with some important distinctions here.

When asked if she believes bombers who target abortion clinics (dozens of clinic Doctors and other workers HAVE died or HAVE been seriously injured) are domestic terrorists, Palin responds like this (1:27sec., Palin's statement and other short material):

The moral (if there is one) of the story? If you bomb someone I like (the capital and the pentagon), you are a domestic terrorist. If you bomb someone I don't like, you are probably not a domestic terrorist.

Ah, the logic of Palin. This clearly puts Palin waaaaaay out on the fringe of America--not something unexpected. It also gives a tacit nod to those that commit these heinous crimes against abortion clinics and other targets.

Just keep saying to yourself, "Palin chooses life. Palin chooses life. Palin chooses life." Ignore the static.

No matter how one feels about abortion, rational people conclude that more violence is not the answer.


Defenders of Wildlife have put out a new add on Palin (30 sec), this time on the polar bear which, as you know, she is suing to remove from the endangered species list. I wrote about it previously.

Here's the add:


Finally, a bit of badly needed humor from Will Ferrell and Tina Fey c/o Saturday Night Live, 'Bush Endorses McCain'. A real gem. (About 6:45.)