Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Protecting the Vote: What to Look For, What You Can Do

Harvey Wasserman, a wonderful writer and activist from Ohio who I had the opportunity to work with some years back, made the following statement preceding an interesting talk in Ohio entitled The History of Stolen Elections where he covers 200 years of American voting history in 20 minutes:

The one thing that the American people can say about George W. Bush is that we have never elected him president of the United States.
--Harvey Wasserman

With the situation in a number of states poised to poison our next election, you might find this site not only instructive on the issue, but there is a state-by-state map of the current conditions where problems are known to exist currently, and a way to report abnormalities in your state (click on the link in the first sentence of text to take you to the map).

Current abnormalities are documented in:

If you are a political blogger or a blogger interested in election integrity and/or voter suppression in the United States, please link to this post or to the site itself. This is the only site attempting to consolidate information and act on it.

We know the vote was stolen from Gore in 2000. We know the vote was stolen from Kerry in 2004.

We cannot and must not let this happen again.