Monday, October 6, 2008

Tsk, Tsk Ms. Palin

Apparently, Sarah Palin is not rendering unto Caesar what is Caesar's--at least that is what tax experts who are reviewing her income tax reports are saying.

Not that I really expected any truth to come from this singularly ambitious woman. Her recent statement tying Obama to a former Minuteman (Obama was eight years of age when this man committed crimes) is, well, hissy and below the belt. She better watch out: McCain has a LONG history of hanging with the bad guys including known and open racists, was censored by the Senate ethics committee for his terrible and long involvement with the Keating Five (Lincoln Savings and Loan scandal), has 27 major lobbyists working on his campaign (including two that were being paid by Freddie Mack)... and that is the short list.

On the Keating Five:

Really wanna open up that box, Ms. Palin?

Not to mention your husband's long involvement with a US hating secessionist group (eh hem, pretty hard not to know that when you are married to him and you have spoken to at least two of their conventions). And let us not forget Troopergate, the two investigations on Palin and her Husband and several staff members for using the power of her office to have an employee fired.

And you bring up Obama's preacher? Ooo. Bad move. Opens the door for a more careful look at your preacher and many of the hate-filled guest speakers who have visited the podium there including recently the African Pastor whose claim to fame is undoing witch spells. Oh and let us not forget McCain's connection with Hagee.

The economic crisis looms... and Palin is saying, "Look! Over there..." Politics of distraction, most likely, with a shiv in the back. The problem is, that back may well be McCain's.

Photo: From Huffington Post