Thursday, October 2, 2008

Simple Question: 5 weeks or 36 years?

Before Palin was announced--months earlier--she was videoed in a wing chair saying that someone needed to tell her what the vice president does. That is never a good sign. It says two things: I don't know what the job is, and I have absolutely no clue about how the federal government works. And this implies even more terrible things: She has no clue about policy and standards.

Well maybe three things. As Biden CLEARLY caught, she admired Cheney who doesn't believe he is part of the executive branch of government. She doesn't know the job to this day and clearly, as Biden suggests, has not read the First Article of the Constitution which clearly calls out the presidency and vice presidency as part of the executive branch of government. This is how Cheney has worked a rather bizarre (really a deterring in terms of time argument) argument to not hand over information to congress and how he claims--in a more complex and even more bizarre way--executive privilege. LOL. I'm not, but I am when I want to be.

I hope to God that every single woman in this country was watching this tonight. This is what we do NOT do:

1. Early on, Palin said she would not necessarily answer questions asked. She went back time and time again to her time as a Wasilla Mayor. Why? She cannot answer the questions. The lesson for women? Get on the bus, understand the issues, get an education and be able to be an equal.

So when they asked a question she didn't know the answer to, she tangentially related and took it back to (sigh) Alaska... as mayor of a 6K town or gov of a 600K state and back to issues she can rightly or wrongly speak to because she cannot address them against Biden. Embarrassing is the only word. I was literally covering my eyes. It was too horrible to watch even by a confident liar.

Nice try. But what it says is that you will not play by the rules in elections. Well, the GOP isn't either given the 12 states now that are stripping thousands of voters from the roles.

Palin is no equal to Biden, in experience or knowledge or even some kind of "interest" in government at the fed level.

5 weeks or 36 years.

2. Don't pretend to represent women if you are not capable of doing so. You can represent your STAND on issues, but please, be educated on the issues and able to talk on your feet. Don't EVER tell a debate master you are not going to answer their questions. Either know the material or get out. In this case, get out.

And don't EVER say you are a feminist. You have not the life or the experience and you have no clue what the term even means. You are embarrassing.

3. Lose the wink. It is obnoxious. It sends a message that you are part of some secret bunch. If someone told you to do this, fire them.

4. Given you have no clue about regulation or the economy, or war, or anything else, to raise Reagan's name four times at least was scraping the McCrap off your shoes to no avail. It looked bad, looked line pandering and was. Fire whomever wrote those lines in there and don't ever do it again. Even you are to the right of Reagan and you have NO clue what he did, or why, and what the results are.

If you cannot name your reading materials, I am certain you have no clue about who Reagan was above seeing him on TV. Admit it.

5. Don't you DARE claim to hold ground on family or issues. Biden almost lost his entire family (as a recently elected Sen. even before he took the oath). Don't even THINK about lecturing him on this matter. Yeah you have an irregular family. Real irregular, and part of that probably stems from you. But Biden did it BY HIMSELF. A single parent and a senator. And he didn't go shoot some damn moose for breakfast for family bonding. I just want to slap you, Sarah, for what you implied and God might actually approve.

6. I really wanted to go to Alaska to see the corona borealis... even if I had to stay for months to do so. It has been a life-long dream. I wanted to drive the Al-Can Highway. Now, all I really want to do is give Alaska back to Putin whose head is, apparently, over your state along with his airplanes (though the military cannot cite one single time Russian planes have been cited over Alaska in her term). And since, Sarah, you have such bizarre thinking patterns, I think you and Putin may have more in common than not.

Good luck with that.

A friend just returned from an Alaska cruise and let me tell you, the folks she spoke to, including the tour guide and all the staff, thought she was, well... a farce. Shocking, isn't it?

McCain is doomed. And that makes me happy. And thanks so much, Sarah, for helping.