Thursday, October 2, 2008

In One Hour, The Biden/Palin Debate Begins: Ugh!

Of course I will be watching, but I have to say this: I am not looking forward to it.

It is flat-out painful to watch someone so out of their league. It literally hurts. For me, the 90-minute debate is 90 minutes of intellectual torture. Not only doesn't she understand the ideas behind the statements she makes (she is just memorizing talking points), she doesn't seem to have any reasoning capability. That is even more scary.

Not that Palin is stupid. She isn't. And I am sure she will be as well prepared as possible. But this isn't her game.

Years ago, Palin said she wanted, someday, to be president. That would lead one to assume--falsely in this case--that one would actually have an interest in issues that are not Alaskan. This certainly has not taken place. The presidency according to Palin is a world where cramming for a test and getting voted Miss Congeniality takes precedent to serious intellectual study.

People rise through ranks for a reason: It is called proving oneself. Instead of doing this, George Bush stole the election with the help of the US Supreme Court in 2000, and just plain stole it in 2004. We see the results.

One of my two women senators, Barbara Boxer, rises to the top of women that have the capability and knowledge to take a VP position. Feinstein, though I am less enthusiastic, could do likewise. Olympia Snow, even Kay Baily Hutchison in the GOP, are among many others (though I could not support either because of stands, but I have great respect for both).

But Palin who has so clearly evidenced herself as unprepared is blind faith of the VERY worst kind. No one knows what she thinks. She just memorizes the Bush Talking points. She is too inexperienced to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff because she has not become familiar with the wheat. This is why her interviews have been such a disaster. She has absolutely NO clue what she is talking about and the answers are near gibberish. Even experienced people I disagree with I can understand.

Biden has gotten advice from every pundit and street-smart (and not) activist by now. Do this, do that. I hope Biden is just himself. He can talk rings around her and knows his stuff. Sure, he puts foot in mouth on a regular basis in the media world. But drill him on an issue--he's got it.

There is just NO comparing 36 years of experience to none.

And that's all, folks.