Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just a Quick Note on Sunday

Well, it's over, I am dead tired, my feet are killing me, but we raised enough to spay and neuter about 70 cats, or help a senior animal through a medical crisis. So .. bottom line, it was a success.

I plan very close to the cut... everyone was laughing... I had ONE plate left over... lol!

And one of the very best parts of today, Sunday, there was an Obama supporter up here somewhere selling buttons. YEAH! So, we all wore them in my booth... hehehe. Sure didn't hurt our sales and sure created some interesting conversations. We had to send some kids to chase this fellow down given I couldn't leave the booth, but mission accomplished! Wish he had brought yard signs and T-shirts, bumper stickers too! We would have gobbled them up!

I had a crackerjack group of volunteers helping including the beloved Mary who knows her way around food. It was her son that went and found him... kids have this knack...

Back at ya tomorrow night. Tomorrow is a mom/mom doctor day... God help me.