Thursday, October 2, 2008

Palin loses.

UPDATE: She loses big. WHY? Because Biden is staying on track and knows his stuff. There is no serious debate here. Joe wins because he knows what he is doing. She doesn't. Just ask a hockey mom about how to deal with complex international issues. I wonder would that be just whack em with a hockey stick (wink)?

McCain knows how to win a war. oy.

She reads her McSame notes. She cannot engage the topics--oh my gosh-- she recently said that we cannot meet with people and cites women's rights... does she understand that we have to skip, um, the religious stuff to get to peace?

This is not a Charlie Gibson moment, but he is killing her.

She doesn't understand a single thing. This is so horrible. It is just painful. Extremely painful.

Palin wins. No personality hits here, she cannot hold her own.