Saturday, October 25, 2008

Hank Williams Jr. + Sarah Palin: This is a Crack Up!

I captured this today from the Johannesberg, So. Africa Times. Apparently, both Palin and Hank Williams Jr. are nutballs (yeah, I know... unsurprising).

But the article is really the very end.

Here's how it begins:

Sarah Palin is singing along to “And (McCain/Palin) don’t have radical friends to whom their careers are linked”, when country star Hank Williams jnr ad libs: “And they don’t have terrorist friends to whom their careers are rent!”

Palin, dressed in a zippered red leather waisted jacket, can’t control herself and breaks out into giggles .

And my response to Hank Williams Jr.? (To the tune of Family Tradition, and my little verse is almost as bad as his; almost being the key word, but I certainly sing far better than he does!)

Tell me Hank why can't you think?
Why do you vote?
McCain and Palin are goin' down
And that's all that she wrote.

Perhaps this is what happens to 'has-beens'. Sorry, if you like Jr., but I think his music is worthless and should you doubt it, watch the video below (laugh alert, BTW). He actually calls Sarah a "dish" in this video'd song nightmare... Geez. This is a video of Jr. at a previous unnamed campaign stop on October 13.

Take a deep breath...

Medical notice: You might hurt yourself in watching this video, so consider yourself informed.